So months ago when we were going to play against the rugby team I’m now joining, someone found a video of them and in it, some people were wearing our old jerseys. It was hard to tell who it was and I asked a couple of the ones we thought were in it but they said no. I remembered the video and just rewatched it and turns out it was just they’re players, wearing our jerseys. I don’t know how they got them, but none of them went to UCR so it’s odd. But rewatching the video was weird because before I/we were watching it to scout them out because we didn’t know what kind of competition they’d be. But now I’ve met them and recognized a bunch of them and it’s very different. I haven’t met them all because it’s not 15s yet and I haven’t played much with them yet, really. But I tried to get my team to dye blue streaks in our hair for season but only like 4 people did. And I wanted to get team tattoos but only like 4 people were down, which didn’t matter because we didn’t have a team logo. But this new team all shaved parts of their heads last season and have team tattoos. Hmm. I don’t want to jump the gun, but I think I might like them.